The tapestry of the life of a medically complex family

Saturday I dropped my eldest off at college. I moved him in to one of the smallest shared dorm rooms in history, on the ground floor of the “Geek dorm”. After FINALLY navigating the one way maze that led to the parking lot/unloading area, emptying the truck and moving things to the building went off smoothly. The room has CLEARLY not been updated since the 70’s when they added the lovely faux-woodgrain plastic laminate to the top of the permanently installed dresser. The new paint has splattered all the immovable furniture and sealed the “storage” area doors located ABOVE the closet alcoves – well, yes, 7+ feet in the air… convenience at its best!

My son washed down all the surfaces and began unloading while I moved my car to the longer term parking area. When unloaded the contrast was significant between his roommate’s ironed and hung “dress casual” wardrobe and my son’s sweatshirts hung on hooks off the side of the “medicine mirror” installed above his dresser. 2 pairs shorts, 3 pairs sweatpants, t-shirts and a supply of poptarts & vitamin water- the ESSENTIALS of college dorm life!

Leaving him there, I realized this is the first and ONLY time since Space Camp (2002) that I have left him somewhere that was not his Dad’s for the weekend. It feels strange but good, a reward for his growth and development, an upbringing. I am excited and nervous for him as he begins this part of his journey. I know he is going to be wonderful, I just hope HE knows it and can get through the challenges ahead to achieve the success I know will one day be his.


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