The tapestry of the life of a medically complex family


I have to write again today because this week has been filled with moments to capture, moments to share, yet it has been FULL making it nearly impossible to get everything written down!

On Friday evening, my oldest spent his last night at home before heading to college Saturday. High school has been the usual up-and-down, back-and-forth, yin-yang that you get as a child attempts to reach a level of comfort with moving off on his own. He has always been good with his brother and sisters but this night was an exceptional one.

He had spent much of the day in his room, sleeping after being up late playing on his computer. When he came down, he came immediately into the playroom to hang out with his little sibs. We ordered dinner and moved to the kitchen for our last dinner before college and he sat there and chatted with the wee ones about their day, their favorite activities and the dinner they were eating.

Just after dinner, while I began getting ready to clean things up & ready everyone small for bed, he began answering his sister’s questions about traveling and airplanes. As he began explaining the “science” of flight, I realized I had stopped moving and was captivated by this boy, becoming a man, and channeling the grandfather whose alma mater he would attend as a student in the next week. I watched as he explained complex physics in words that could be understood by 4 year-olds. I obliged when he asked if he could use my computer to show the little ones pictures of the different airplanes he was telling them about. I smiled as he responded to each question generated with respect and enthusiasm- moving to helicopter topics when prompted by his brother. I wanted to record this, to capture this moment, to preserve it for eternity. I settled for leaning on the counter and LIVING and LOVING this moment- capturing it in my heart. ❤


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