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Seriously- Romance?

I sign on for the National Poetry Month Blogroll at BlogHer and their prompts already have veered far from my life. The best romantic poem? Seriously? Who reads those? More importantly: who CAN read those??

Don’t get me wrong, I have LOTS of love in my life- just none of a romantic nature. My children love me to the moon & back, & I them. Some of my nurses love me, in addition to loving my kids. They show this through their thoughtful encouragement for the day-to-day, in baking for friends & being sure to bring me some, by repairing a broken screen door during the overnight shift. My kids’ biological and adoptive families share love with us all the time, but “romance”- LOL

At one-point, a few friends suggested I post a profile on an online dating site- they even began crafting my profile description. In keeping with the “spirit” of the BlogHer challenge, and honoring poetry in my posts all month long, here is my version of my poetic personal ad:

SWF likes:

Leisurely strolls through hospital halls

Internet shopping, not crowd-filled malls

Long, 3-4 hour, grain-free meals

Ortho-clogs, ne’er spikey heels.


Tall & smart & kind & stressed

Medical emergencies at her best

Many children at her knee

Happy, smiling, busy bee



Kind & strong & loving man

Medical training a plus my friend.

Helicopter pilot a valued skill-

Quick land on hospitals for a thrill-

Soft of heart & quick of mind

Cherished partner love to find.


Not thinking it would work, but there it is: romance. 🙂



We have a stuffed elephant about whom we are writing a family book. At some point, I’ll tell you more about it but for now I have to share my youngest’s page from today- before I fall off the couch in my next fit of laughter. The text reads:
Elephant walked to the other counter and cleaned up after the mouse.


Note the green sponge in elephant’s hand & giant mouse excrement…

Dress up

Today we pulled out the dress-up basket again. I had forgotten how much fun 4&5 year olds have with just a few costume pieces. Tav was so excited to see the new “Prince” costume & try it all on. Keva chose Eeyore & immediately began acting as the Prince & Princess’s pet. It was too cute for many words- but this photo captures some of it:


My “Wing Girl”

This morning, our very handsome overnight nurse came in for a day shift. While the kids sat at the table, my youngest looked across the table at him & said:
“Let me see your hand.”
The nurse obliges her, smiling, raising his right hand and turning it for her to see both sides.
She says: ” Now show me your other hand. I wanna see if there’s a ring.”

Laughing & blushing he brings his other ringless hand up for her to inspect.

That’s my Wing Girl.

Sunday as it Should Be

Awaiting lobster pita salad beachside with my youngest.


Amazing Songs

My kids really love the chorus to Bruno Mars’ song “Just the Way You Are”. They sing it in the tub, to each other & to random important individuals in their lives- including our pediatrician. The wording & tune may be a bit off but the sentiment melts your heart when one of their beautiful voices directs it at you.

On the way home from some doctor appointments on Friday, my youngest opens up in song, singing: “… cuz my bwuddah is amazing, just the way he iiiis…” at the top of her 3y.o. lungs.

To which my 5y.o. daughter, Adrien, replies: “Really? Really, Keva?? I don’t think so.” ( in a PERFECT imitation of my disdain when she does something out of bounds…)

Keva then begins a rendition to her sister, singing: “cuz Adrien’s amazing just the way she is…”

And Adrien replies during her song: “Now that’s more like it. That’s appropriate.” ( to incredulous jaw-drops from both the nurse & I…)
Then she adds: “Singing to your ‘bladder’ is not appropriate. Sing that to people.”

<swerving in traffic as we roll with laughter>