The tapestry of the life of a medically complex family

Amazing Songs

My kids really love the chorus to Bruno Mars’ song “Just the Way You Are”. They sing it in the tub, to each other & to random important individuals in their lives- including our pediatrician. The wording & tune may be a bit off but the sentiment melts your heart when one of their beautiful voices directs it at you.

On the way home from some doctor appointments on Friday, my youngest opens up in song, singing: “… cuz my bwuddah is amazing, just the way he iiiis…” at the top of her 3y.o. lungs.

To which my 5y.o. daughter, Adrien, replies: “Really? Really, Keva?? I don’t think so.” ( in a PERFECT imitation of my disdain when she does something out of bounds…)

Keva then begins a rendition to her sister, singing: “cuz Adrien’s amazing just the way she is…”

And Adrien replies during her song: “Now that’s more like it. That’s appropriate.” ( to incredulous jaw-drops from both the nurse & I…)
Then she adds: “Singing to your ‘bladder’ is not appropriate. Sing that to people.”

<swerving in traffic as we roll with laughter>


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