The tapestry of the life of a medically complex family

So Happy It’s Tuesday…

Awakened this morning by a blinding headache at 4am. Stumbled to the kitchen for Advil, water… hoping to stave off the approaching migraine. Feeding pump went off just before 7am (chose the rate based on sleep need…) and I realized I would need more meds when I brought the twins to use the bathroom. The nausea had started. Zofran to the rescue. Lying down for another hour before opening eyelids halfway to begin the nebulizer rotation across the Super 3.

Mid-way through the first neb, through the pillow I have held over my face, I hear a banging on the door. F$&@. SO Happy It’s Tuesday. No nurse and it’s the oxygen delivery guy. Struggle to unlock the door and move the oxygen tubing so he doesn’t crush &/or soil it while he removes the 100lbs tanks. Not quite the vision in my fleece PJs but we always accept these deliveries because they NEVER come back, nor allow for a different day.
While he’s struggling down the stairs with tank #1, the phone starts blaring to add to the throb in my temple. Pressurized tank delivery day as well. I ask if he will also bring the new nebulizer machine we have been waiting for a month to get… he says he’ll call back. Blaring phone AGAIN- to tell me the delivery guys have no order but he’d like to bring it if I can get through to the DME. DME gives me tge run-around, claiming they’ve had an order with no approval since NOVEMBER- ahm, the “order” came from our NP who is the insurance liaison… But sure, I feel like SHITAKEs so I’ll call their approval person- who is the ONE person in this chain that ALWAYS does her job… 2 phone calls later, I am hoping that we will see a nebulizer today to replace the one that died months ago- and the backup that died today.
After my first cup of coffee, and with the “dimmer” feature on my phone, I can type & begin to function. Thanks for sharing the start to a fairly typical day… Can’t wait for tomorrow. 🙂
Gotta go get breakfast into some kids.


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