The tapestry of the life of a medically complex family


For some reason, today’s weather thought it’d be nice enough to allow a breeze, maybe even keep itself 70 or so. As I watched the cloud cover, it seemed complete, but not “dark & threatening”. The planets aligned & we also had no doctor appointments & PT was done by 10am. This, my friends, was a day of opportunity!

As soon as the PT left, I gave Trachboy the rest of his breakfast & ran thru the shower. I packed oxygen tanks, suction & prepped a cooling vest just in case Trachboy began to fade. I ran a 5mL saline neb to clear any junk from lungs & airways, dressed the 3some and headed for the back door.

We tried out our local farm & had hoped to pick some of the last strawberries but found that their remaining plants were a long walk & near deplete- thank goodness for the employee who let me know they might not be worth the walk! She recommended we try blueberry picking instead and gave us a wagon for Trachboy & his equipment. Trachboy rode in style while the girls “helped” me to pull him up the sloping hill. We arrived without injury or excess fatigue & got right to work.

We managed to get about 3lbs to purchase and I’d bank the kids ate at least half that much in the field. Trachboy was fatigued but happy to kneel with his oxygen tank & eat purple berries from the bushes. Youngest certainly ate at least twice what she kept. Trachgirl was the champion collector moving bush to bush, occasionally escaping our row, as she foraged for blueberries. All in all, it was a memorable success and we are all so glad the weather cooperated.

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