The tapestry of the life of a medically complex family

The Beach in 2 Speeds

Remember records? There were LPs and speeds of 78 – 45 – 33 1/3 … Find me a kid today who even knows those speeds have to do with RPMs – unlikely.

So many things in childhood come with their own speeds. Yesterday I went to the beach with my youngest and I was reminded that the beach in childhood has only 2 speeds: Run and Jump. She ran slowly through the loose sand, pumping her arms madly to help herself move forward. When she transitioned to the firm wet sand, the spring in her legs was transferred to the speed of jump- leaping up and down while running forward to the surf.
The hour we spent splashing & leaping at the water’s edge is better than any time spent talking about health concerns & ways to heal. To live these moments, ears buffeted by the sounds of surf & gulls, refreshes our wounded spirits to keep on another day.

Each day I love the memories crafted at the speed of childhood…

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Comments on: "The Beach in 2 Speeds" (1)

  1. Cathy McNerney said:

    Hooray! She is having so much fun. Wish all their days were like this.

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