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Basic Skills

Sadly enough, so many of the nurses sent to interview or train here just don’t have them. The “nurse” scheduled to come tonight cannot assess lung sounds, determine if my kids secretions are copious or dry to the level of needing intervention; and when TOLD to intervene, she stands & waits for direction. There is a level of ineptitude that I have come to expect, but this bungling person has been “trying” to gain a skill for more than a month now.

I know that it’s time to let her go but, in addition to her lack of skilled nursing ability, she has no filter on sharing every minute detail of her life. Because of this, I know her family business has failed, her husband is only working part-time and she relies on the income from my home to keep a roof over their heads. In today’s economy, it is hard to discount the very real role this job could have on a person’s ability to avoid homelessness. This responsibility is far beyond what I signed up for when I accepted nursing support to maintain my kids at home.


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  1. I stopped by today. For what it’s worth, i believe letting this nurse go is for the better. There is another highly talented nurse without employment waiting for the new opportunity. Also, the existing nurse is in the wrong field and not getting the jumpstart push into a new direction which unemployment will provide.
    Those kids are………cute!

    • Thanks, Justin. I may be biased but I think they’re pretty cute too!
      The nurse is down to one afternoon shift/week. She just helps getting to the things I cannot and I do all the assessment, monitoring and care of my kids the whole time she is there- she just documents things. She will be moving on soon. Even before she dropped down in hours, I still have about 60-70 hours of unfilled nursing- so a skilled nurse would be welcome if our agency would just locate 1 or 2.
      Met 2 nurses today and one, without any experience with kids like mine, seems the best option- she is also a mom to twins so there’s part of the battle. Thanks for reading and your note of encouragement. Be well.

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