The tapestry of the life of a medically complex family

This week, our children’s hospital featured a post on their blog about things you can do to support a parent of a child with special needs. The post stimulated me to write about what I wish for for my birthday:


A wish list from the Mom, of kids with special needs

Does not include a teal blue box or collegiate-grade of tweeds


My dreamy gift tomorrow could cost nary a cent

A telephone, a short car-ride, and time with me is spent


A person with a weed-whacker who braves the overgrown

Who weeds the bed out front, and trims the flora sewn


Do you do laundry? Or could you play, be fun?

If you could sit & play a while, I could get some laundry done.


Can you pick up prescriptions? Almond milk? Vanilla for our cake?

If you brought meat & veggies o’er, I’d take the time to bake.


But you need not even venture out, to show me that you care

Reach out, e-mail, accept my child, remind me that you’re there.


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