The tapestry of the life of a medically complex family

This week my twins’ ORL took a look inside their airways during a bronchoscopy. The pictures were remarkable in their differences from last year. Last year’s view of the airways included irregular raised bumps all over the inside of the airway- completely gone now. The upper regions of the lower airway now are smooth & pink-colored. No more red, raised inflammation is present anywhere high along the larynx. I have never seen this on any previous viewing.

It makes me wonder what the culprit has been in the past. What “poison” [to their system] was I feeding them for 4 years that has been removed on the “specific carbohydrate diet” we now follow? There are SO many things we have removed, SO many food changes we have made- what is the one that has helped clear the irritation in this airway region? WHY are there “no allergy” results on their allergy panels that have been run? CLEARLY there was something producing this irritated, red surface view of the past- and it is now gone.

Just one aspect of the multiple questions raised during our medical tour this week…


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