The tapestry of the life of a medically complex family

Birthday for Ayrie

Today I write to celebrate

A boy whose birth was on this date

5 years ago he joined us here,

Hearts of family blessed with cheer

He grew, he played, he danced with joy,

A happy bubbling little boy

A brother joined not far behind,

Best friend in Ayrie he did find

Adventures, mayhem, running round,

Race up and down the snowbank mound,

Conquest Kings of Mattress Mountain,

Play & splash in water fountain

Brothers bound in hearts and souls,

Climbing trees and digging holes

A timeless bond no hurt can break,

As only brothers true can make

The joyful slideshow plays again

Peace to you our special friend.


Comments on: "Birthday for Ayrie" (2)

  1. Beautiful, Gretchen.

  2. […] Ayrie [forever 4] and M [forever 2] came with me to Fenway Park that day. When we surrendered our tickets and stepped through the doorway onto the concrete ramp, I was struck by the coolness and the image of my oldest strolling with my youngest while a nurse carried his other sister whose twin nestled against my neck in my arms. All 4 of my children were there with me, at this historical park, adventuring on a family outing of their shared social heritage. The enormity of what had been overcome, and the journey yet ahead, brought thoughts of my friends who would never again travel on an outing with all their children physically present. Tears sprang to my eyes and I sent thanks to the Universe for my ability to know the significance and experience the joy of this moment. […]

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