The tapestry of the life of a medically complex family

I have many friends with kids who are sensitive to various foods or food components. They often ask about the diet we follow and find it too cumbersome to try to implement in their daily lives. That’s just how I felt when I began, but today in our house it’s just the “new normal”. I wanted to list a few of the things I have learned being on the diet that may help others to begin to adjust things without feeling overwhelmed.

1. Making homemade yogurt is CHEAP and EASY. I stir together and boil the milks I plan to use for the batch, stirring occasionally and shutting off the heat as soon as it boils. I stir occasionally (every 20-30min) while it cools on the back of my stove for 90-120 minutes. I add a cup of organic plain yogurt, whisk & then culture in the yogurt maker for 24 hours. The 2qt. maker makes almost enough for a week for us all. Easy-peasey.

2. Pancakes can be made from almost any mashed/pureed fruit and eggs. Mash a small banana, add an egg, cook like small pancakes. You have effectively deleted grains, gluten and lightened carbs. We love pumpkin here so we use pumpkin, honey & egg some of the time. If it sticks or doesn’t “seem right”, I add another egg.

3. Nut flours add calories. Many of our kids are struggling to put on weight. Nut flour can be added/substituted and add significant calories to a dish- PLUS it tastes great. White flour: 455 calories/cup. Almond flour: 672 cal/cup.

4. Baked peanut butter, honey, an egg & some baking soda make a delicious brownie-like dessert food. My kids call it peanut butter bread or “tannies” and even Tav will eat it!

5. Focusing on the veggie & meat parts of a meal effectively complies with SCD in almost all cases.

6. “Food rules” such as to “what to eat when” don’t apply with SCD. They need not apply in anyone’s way of eating/diet. Waffles for dinner is totally acceptable.

7. Bread can be made in the microwave! And it’s pretty good!

8. Cutting a loaf of bread can be done the “long way” to transform a short loaf into sandwich bread.

9. Meat sandwiches can be crafted on lettuce leaves- voila ‘wrap’.  SO yummy!

10. If I can do it, anyone can.



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  1. Just saw your beautiful children’s picture on facebook page and hopped over her to read your stories. Just amazing. I have great 4 kids too, but only only extra special kiddo. Your a great mom.

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