The tapestry of the life of a medically complex family


We made it! I decided since I have no mid-week nursing anyway, and its pre-flu season rampage, I was going to run screaming into the hills- well, OK, not literally ‘screaming’ since the kids were all sleeping as we crossed into the VT hills– but we DID make the hills. I, insane single mother of 4, with only 3 of the 4 in tow- of the preschool only variety, ages 4-4-3, packed my car with 687 things, gassed it to full, and drove alone to VT.

To be sure, oximeters were attached to toes, nebs had been completed just before departure, lunch had been had and nap time was due… but I headed out into the great beyond on a journey that will place me outside the range of the taunting from my laundry pile! Yes, that IS what it does! Each day I have no nursing to assist with the 500 or so medical tasks that are an inherent part of my day, the laundry mountain taunts me in its booming echo of a voice- adding in an occasional “NA-NA-NA-NA-GOO-GOO” yodel for good measure. And I am TIRED of hearing it. So we have run away- frankly HIGH into the HILLS. I sit here lounging on a couch that isn’t mine, looking at crumbs I will NEVER have to clean from the floor, enjoying the peace  and the cool mountain air as the fearsome threesome drift in dreamland.

Breathing the sigh of contentment: aaaaaaaahhhhh.


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