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Fourth of July 2012

Today was another hot & humid day for us here. We spend hot days indoors because heat fatigues Trachboy VERY quickly and Trachgirl & Youngest have little stamina in heat themselves. On days like today, we crank down the AC and find things to do in the playroom.

My sister-in-law & nephew came to visit for a few hours and all the kids enjoyed playing with their toys as though they were new again. Trachgirl & Youngest drew pictures for our guests and Trachboy raced cars and spun weebles on the “ferris wheel”. It was a great way to break up the string of hot days we have been having and gave Momma some adult conversation! A great day which ended with cake! [how could it be anything BUT…]

Happy Fourth of July!

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Want to Write

I want to write… but oximeter alarms sound so frequently I am waiting for the nurse so I can go to the bathroom. I want to write… but New Year’s Day brought the stomach flu to ME while I was alone with the recovering kids all day. I want to write… but when the nurse arrives, I need to SLEEP. So goes the complex medical life…

Holiday Tree 2011

The kids are becoming ill. We are creeping up on an anniversary & I will push through but already Youngest has begun to wheeze & have bronchospasms. Fortunately, the twins only have a bit of congestion and the occasional sneeze/cough so far.

Regardless, my oldest was home and we needed to get a tree and get it decorated before he goes to his Dad’s for the holiday.  Enjoy the photos- we even got a full family shot! Happy holidays!

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Keva turns 4

This picture says it all:

Happy 4th birthday, Baby Girl!

Love you bunches!


The evaporative cooling vests turned out to be amazing. “Activated” with some cool water, they kept Tav & Adrien cool enough to ride their balance bikes on the bike path for 20 minutes before resting- in 85 degree F heat. SO happy we have a tool to help with this. The fearsome 3some had a GREAT time.

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Apple Blossoms 5-14-2011

Saturday we went to the farm where we will be getting fruit & vegetables every week. They were having a “Meet & Greet” for all of the people who have signed up for a farm share. The kids enjoyed running in the apple tree orchards but especially loved meeting the farmers new chocolate lab puppy, ‘Bamboo’. Hoping we enjoy many more trips there this growing season.